Our team of seasoned IT professional and Business Financial experts are equipped with combined business and technology project deployment. Over 35 years of combined technology and business consultancy experience. Our  infrastructure management team is convinced that its innovative skills and enduring quality can deliver the best solutions. We offer the most precise authentication , identification and authorization technology using the most advanced biometrics and data security solutions, the thirst of present IT industry.


Techaccount.com delivers knowledge and expertise that help clients better understand complex issues and make better strategic decisions. Our solutions are based on years of experience in specific business programs and technology environments.


Our professional consultants focus on targeted programs and challenges encountered by organizations, that include financial businesses, health facilities, manufacturing industries and government and private entities, in order to develop an in-depth understanding of specific business needs through the technologies and disciplines that drive them.


Techaccount provides multifunctional teams that represent each of our service areas and help to create client specific solutions that add value across an organization. Our clients benefit directly from our leadership in the programs we serve. Our experience and research in those programs generate a strategic focus and effective business solutions for our clients.


Techaccount business and finance as offered with our partners with  Gutierez Estabillo LLP  is composed of seasoned CPA and entrepreneurs who provide financial and auditing solutions with expertise in government projects for over 40 years.


With this solution-oriented team with decades of technical expertise, clients know that we understand success is driven by innovative thinking and entrepreneurship.


Our efforts with clients have built strong bonds to where many of our clients have been with us for 25 or 30 years. We are as loyal to them as they are to us and even after all these years, we still work every day to earn their trust and respect.