In this present web era, there are milestones and advancements of technololgy that have greatly changed the lives of millions of people throughout the world. These advancements have created a great level of convenience with the use of cloud servers, mobile PCs , smartphones, mobile entertainment devices and many others. However, this is also the era where data ploriferation has become a very serious threat - cyber crimes such as identity theft, atm skimming, steeling passwords, internal and external program and data hacking is on the rise and affects millions of businesses and people every single day.


Responding to the  great demand for forensic computing  and  solutions being searched for the present IT industry's demand, Techaccount's research and development (R&D) team found the most advanced authentication technology. Our solution is to provide businesses the highest Verification , Identification and Authentication technology using  BIOMETRICS and DATA SECURITY solutions. Presenting our software solution for various application powered by nVIA BrainTM  accelerator - our unique biometric identification agent offer great performances with the ability to verify several million biometric data points in a fraction of a second.

A secure and quick identification result from enterprise and a high availablity cluster of databases.    

What is 

A security access control solution  to protect our client from fraud and identity theft . The solution also imposes great emphasis on the easy and secured  door, gates, turnstiles  and portal access  for private, government  and  military facility installations.


Our total-secured transaction solutions are designed to verify and protect the sensitive accounts from fraudelent hacking particularly for financial transactions such as ATM, POS, currency remittances and authenticated claim processing.


Time & Asset Management Solutions. 

Our integration ready solution for accurate and precise time management combined with reliable mobile and non-mobile asset tracking management. Secured transaction solutions are designed to offer either an end-to-end solution or as an integrated part of an existing  workforce management,  asset management,  security tracking solutions that strictly focus on verifying and protecting  sensitive accounts.

nVia Product Solution


The nVia solution utilizes our proprietary innovation called nVIA Brain that serves as a link for specific software systems as well as for the development of various hardware from factors for deployment on multiple platforms based on the various situations in each market. This ranges from Time and Attendance vendors, Access Control, Cyber Security, POS and more.

In short, hardware and software products that adopt the nVia solution will be both compatible with each other and maintained with the latest versions of hardware and software platforms.


This makes nVia substantially different from the existing biometric vendors in that each of them are focused on the solutions that each of them have developed as “one-off” integrations or focused on their unique product offering.  There are currently patents pending for a number of innovative components in the nVia Suite.